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Management & Planning

Succeeding by design!

Market Research

Knowing your target audience is key.  We conduct comprehensive market research to determine who is and how to effectively reach the target audience. We then define the most effective outreach activities that can be used by our clients to reach their audience. We provide our clients with reports that summarize our market research in electronic formats, which includes all data collection material. Later, based on the results of our market research we develop the campaign's creative elements and strategies.

Campaign Management

We understand that a well-organized campaign will lead to success. Our Project managers will ensure the execution of the editorial calendars in a timely matter. Along with, ongoing coordination of our creative team through our online-based task management platform to ensure timely execution of tasks, designs, and revisions. We provide electronic updates that include a summary of all activities and creative development, as well as progress on metrics.

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Outreach Plans

Our outreach plans are based on empirical data and market research. Plans may include 15 & 30 seconds spots, digital media, social media, editorial calendars, billboards, and events. We develop and design all the creative elements included in the outreach plans.

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Toolkit & Creative Elements Managements

We manage the development of creative elements through our cloud-based toolkits specifically designed for each of our clients. It will include adaptable creative elements applicable in different markets in order to reach the targeted audience in the most effective and efficient manner. Throughout the campaign length, we are responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the outreach campaign and electronic toolkits. We make the required updates and enhancements to the campaigns as necessary in order to achieve our set goals and milestones.

Media Buys 

Media buying is simply an art. Our long-lasting relationships in multiple media platforms allow us to maximize our client's media budgets. Our strategy based on our implemented market research allows us to reach a broader targeted audience at a lower cost. We provide detailed budget reports to our clients to ensure transparency and good communication. As well as publishing reports to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of buys.

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