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Video Production

TV Commercials:
The Mecca of all advertisement tools, the high and mighty TV Commercials. There is maybe no better tool to attract, and quite possibly frighten away an audience. Now, we have all seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of all television ads; and in there lies the problem.Why take chances with the public perception of your company?  A strong commercial can do wonders for your company image, it is critical that you think Red, Chrome Red.
Infomercials are the key to educate your perspective clients about your product or business. Infomercials are typically 15 minutes to 30 minutes long which allows you to explain in greater details who you are and what you do. By having a more knowledgeable client is easier to peach you final sale and make more business. Chrome Red Corp video production team and videographers are ready to make you shine!
Website Video Production:
Website Videos is the new up and coming way of attracting more clients. Chrome Red Corp videographers will work on a unique video production that will best describe your company or product. We could include testimonials, marketing videos, short films, video adds and much more. Lets make words into images. Start attracting your target audience today! 
Corporate Video Production:
Create a corporate video that describes; "Who you are, Your Company's Services and How Your Company Could Help Your Clients". Send out a clear message to your audience, create a corporate video and allow your perspective clients to have a better understating of how to use your services. Increase your chances of attracting more business today!
Music Video Production:
When it comes to high quality professional music videos no one beats Chrome Red Corp. We are specialized in Music Video Production from Hip Hop, Salsa, R&B, Country, Reggaeton, and many other music genders. We count we different production packages that will accommodate your budget. Chrome Red Corp is a Miami video production company focusing on music video production services worldwide. We believe in your talent! Become the new up and coming start of tomorrow!
Real Estate Video Production:
If you are a Real Estate Agent or a Home Owner and will like to increase the chances of selling your property. We recommend that along with our Chrome Red Corp creative team of videographers you create a high quality video production for your next sale. The buyers of today like to see a more detailed view of their next purchase. Make a difference, Make a Sale!
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Auto / Car Dealer Commercials:
At Chrome Red Corp we understand that selling a car could be very competitive. Everyone is offering a better car, a better interest rate and a lower monthly payment. If you are an auto/car dealership business owner, you may be asking yourself, how could I attract more customers in order to increase my sales? It's easy, by working along with our creative video production crew and videographers we will be able to make a unique video commercial that will improve your image and credibility within the market. We will help you target your audience by creating a high quality production that will attract their attention. Don't wait any longer and increase your sales today!
Chrome Red Studio: 
Our white infinity wall studio offers a rental space for photography shoots, video production, videography, and casting calls. Offering a wide variety of scenes for fashion, editorial, tear sheets, portraits, products, and much more. Created for professionals and amateurs, the inexpensive rental space is conveniently designed and ready to house just about any shoot or project. Call Now! (305)979-3622
Post Production - Video and Audio Editing:
The editing process of a video production originates with the idea for the work itself and continues in the relationship between the author and the editor. In Post Production, Video Editing is, therefore, also a practice that includes creative skills, human relations, and a precise set of methods. We take care of the whole process. We have experienced editors that will perfect your project.
Videographer in Miami:
Do you need a videographer for your next video production? Chrome Red Corp counts with the best videographers in town. Our experience, creativity and high technology equipment could take your image to the next level. Make your next TV Commercial today!